Thursday, August 15, 2013

Wednesday, August 14. Lake Ontario

The sky was clear, and the temps cool as Claire and I left our campsite about 6:45.  Today we spent most of the day on "Loyalist Parkway".  There is lots of history in this area: of the Revolutionary War,  the War of 1812, and the underground railroad.  Loyalists to the British settled here, most relocating from the states.
We stopped at a CRC in Bowmanville this morning for another feast prepared by these generous folks.  In the last few days, there seems to be many calories being consumed!
We took a little side trip up to Lake in the Mountain Provincial Park.  There is a deep lake called Mystery Lake, far above Lake Ontario, with no connection to Lake Ontario.  It is a spring fed lake and no one is quite sure how it was formed.  Looking away from the lake is a the beautiful Quinte Bay.  The views and the down hill ride were worth the climb!
We boarded the Glen Ora ferry to cross the bay.  The Loyalist Parkway continued along Lake Ontario - a very beautiful ride.  It was a  challenging ride because we had a stiff North cross wind and we took turns leading to save our energy.  The day ended in Kingston at a park overlooking Lake Ontario.  Two local churches sent 75 people to bring many salads and desserts, and to eat with us and join our peloton meeting.  They also provided music.  These generous folks are so excited about Sea to Sea and they are fun to have around.  

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