Wednesday, August 7, 2013

August 6, day 2. A good ride in spite of some rain

I was so thankful to awake at 5:30 this morning and not have any hip discomfort.   It did not bother me all day.  Amazing!  The day was cool and cloudy with some rain predicted.  Claire and I were on the road by 6:55.  We rode through beautiful green farm land, and even saw a covered bridge across a creek in someone's yard. The route was to take us through the city of Flint.  As we arrived in the city, a group of guys passed.  Claire asked if they could slow down a bit and accompany us through the city.   Thanks to Howard, Peter, John,  and Len for riding along with us.  We saw  the evidence pf poverty:  parking lots overgrown with weeds,  closed buildings, strip malls with  very few cars,  crumbling roads, boarded up houses,  and burned out shells of houses.  Howard saw five burned out hoises, I only saw one.   I was concentrating on missing potholes.  It was drizzling off and on.  The guys moved ahead and we looked for a place to stop.  We went off route in Davidson and found "Bear Claw Soup Deli".  It was the best place to stop on a cool wet day.  We had delicious Taquilla Black Bean Soup made from scratch.  It was delicious and warmed us up.  When we left, the rain was more steady so we were thankful to have warm stomachs.  Claire began to have increased discomfort in her Achilles tendon.   We slowed down the last 10 miles and arrived in camp at 2 PM.  The rain had stopped,  and we set up our tents.  Phil marks roads in the late afternoon,  so I am learning how to set up our tent alone.  Actually it is a new tent and goes up easily.  Our dinner was again great - it is amazing how hungry we get after biking.
I have so much more to say , but am having a hard time finding the time.  I also hope to incude some pictures, but no time :).  Please check others blogs for pictures.

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