Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tour de food. Tuesday, August 13

Before I write about today,  I need to add  something for Brian that I forgot yesterday.   We passed Ontario place yesterday and I chuckled,  remembering when we were there as a family.   You had just taken a bite out of your burger when a sea gull took it out of your hand.  I remember your facial expression and reaction. Remembering this event will always, make me laugh.
It was a beautiful day when we left this morning.   There was very heavy traffic the first 20 miles.  At 7:55 we arrived at Hope CRC greeted by cow bells, cheers, and clapping.  There were about 50-60 people there.  They had been ready for us since 6:30!!  There were 3 tables of food!  After greeting folks, and some snacks,  we were on our way.  Just after a group of bikers joined Claire and I, we were met by a surprise.  Some street repair had just started today.  There was a deep hole across the road about 4 feet wide.  We carried our bikes by placing the cross bar on our shoulders and walked down a steep embankment,  across a muddy path, and up the muddy embankment back to the road.  I did fine until I tried to go up.  There is no way I could have done that alone.  Dave grabbed my bike,  and Russ my hand, pulling me up.  This is truly a team effort!
The ride was beautiful along Lake Ontario.  One of the quaint towns we rode through was Port Hope.  George told us that this town had a huge industry in the 40's with the Manhattan project.   There are areas fenced off that are still contaminated with nuclear material!
Brighton church also had a big feed for us-- tables spread with more food!  Shortly after leaving the church, we were surprised with a downpour.  Fortunately there was a grocery store very near, and we found cover.  Some drizzle continued,  but the next downpour happened when we were eating olliebollen at another church.  The rain stopped,  but when we arrived in Trenton, it was very windy.  Our tent is set up, and we are ready to eat.
Phil did go out to mark roads this morning, so was available to change the route so not all cyclists would have to portage there bikes through the construction.
Time to eat!

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