Tuesday, August 6, 2013

August 5, day 1 for Jan

We had a prayer send off from Pastor Mary Hulst.  Thanks Mary, much appreciated!

The day was cool and cloudy - a perfect biking day.  I rode with Claire Elgersma.  The road was mostly flat, taking us through green farm country.  We did not linger at the SAG stops and   with 67 miles covered, we arrived at Sleepy Hallow campground at noon.  I have never arrived at a bike tour destination so early.   Since I started this tour behind on sleep, it was a bonus for me!  After putting up our tent, I slept for an hour.  At the end of my ride today, I had a sore hip, which concerned me.  I did lots of stretching and took Ibuprophen which helped.  Hopefully this will not continue.

Apparently Canada requires all cyclists to have a bell on their bikes or a whistle handy.  Not doing so can incure a $90.00 fine.  Claire, Barb, Jane and I went out looking for whistles.  All we found were cheep plastic whistles that make a minimum of sound.  Hopefully we will find something better, but meanwhile we do each have a whistle.

We had a delicious dinner including fresh sweet corn.  It was drizzling a bit, so Phil and I sat in his van to eat.  A very nice perk!  It is amazing how much food one can consume after biking!

Peleton tonight was early,  so we were in our tent by 9 and had a good night sleep.

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