Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sunday, August 18 Worship

It is so good to have a day of rest and to be off the bike for a day.  Even though it is Sunday, there some things we still have to do.  I joined Claire and two others at the laundry mat to get everything clean again.  We finished before the bus came to pick us up for church.
 Phil left early this morning to mark the roads for tomorrow.  There are lots of turns tomorrow,  so he needed to get a early start.
 Three school buses came to pick us up for church in Montreal.  We attended The Church of St Andrew and St Paul which combined services with First CRC of Montreal.  The church building is old and grand.  The service was equally beautiful with uplifting music, a spectacular organ, and a theme of seeking peace and the well being of the city.  It was a very fitting message for Sea to Sea folks who are finding ways to impact poverty.  The pastor emphasized that poverty is relational, social, emotional, spiritual, and inter-generational.  His message gives us lots to think about.  There are so many causes of poverty, and so much that needs to be accomplished to have an impact.
Following church and coffee afterwards, we boarded buses that were to drop us off at the waterfront.  However, there was a gay pride parade that cut off the route.  After one hour on the buses, we again passed the church.  The drivers were trying so hard to bring us down town.  They succeeded after another hour.
Parts of down town Montreal remind me of a European city.  There were narrow streets with vendors, people dining and having coffee on the street, someone leading some singing, and others participating in dancing together.  We toured Notre-Dame Basilica, an amazing place with lots of history.  I wish we could  have heard the organ.
Phil returned from a very long day of marking roads by dinner time.  We had our usual Peloton meeting and small groups.  The school had a large cafeteria where folks played card games in the evening.  We are ready to crawl into our tent by the time small groups finish.

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