Saturday, August 17, 2013

August 15. Sight seeing.

The first light of dawn appears at 5:30 AM in this area.  Tent zippers begin waking us up to another cool and clear day.  Claire and I left with in our jackets and arm warmers at about 6:50.  The ride through the beautiful city of Kingston was filled with busy traffic making it difficult to enjoy the scenery.  At mile 20, we were warming up.  We stpped at Tim Hortons for coffee and tea.  We had seen Phil's van pulling out of a parking lot and flagged him down.  So nice to have him join with us, George, Danita, and Amanda for coffee.  Since tomorrow's route has no turns, and needs no markings, Phil had a relaxing day.
Ken joined us and spent the rest of the day with us.
At mile 30, we turned to the Ivy Lea Township Dock for a boat tour of the 1000 Islands in the St Lawrence River.  Most of the cyclists and volunteers were able to go.  Phil also joined us.  The islands are amazing, some large, and some tiny, with buildings varring in size from play house size to a huge castle.  Half the islands are American, and half are Canadian.  It was a beautiful ride on a gorgeous day.  Check other bloggers on the Sea to Sea web site for pictures.  The castle was built by Boldt in the early 1900s for his wife, who died before it was finished.  No one ever lived in it, and it was never finished.  It has been restored and is a tourist attraction.   It belongs to the US, so for those who arrive there from Canada, it is a border crossing.  Boldt apparently owned the Waldorf Hotels and developed 1000 Island dressing, the Woldorf salad, and room service.
When we returned to our bikes, we found our helmets removed from our bikes and clipped together on the picnic table.  That certainly slowed everyone down a bit.  Some were not so happy, but we thought it was hilarious.  Some folks did not remember the color of their helmet.   :=)
Just before we arrived im Brockville, Ken had a flat tire and actually needed a new tire.  A local person took him to the bike store.  We joined him there and had lunch in Brockville. It was a nice change from peanut butter and jelly.  Claire lived here when she first  moved to Canada.  She  drove is past the water front and around the town center.  It is a beautiful town with a center that looks very European.
Dinner today was provided by local CRC folks.  They served us bratwurst,  kale potatoes, veggies, home canned applesauce,  and home made desserts.  Another night for a piece of pie!!

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