Sunday, August 25, 2013

August 21, Wednesday Easier Day

Our stay last night was not what I pictured when hearing we were staying at a marina.  At our end of the camp ground there was one toilet and one shower for men and women to share.   The hose showers were set up and many used those.  This group is very gracious and for one night we did fine.  We are again reminded of those who don't even have that much.  In our small group we keep challenging each other to think about what difference this trip will make in our lives.  Much to ponder.
Claire and I did not notice sore muscles from yesterday, but we felt a bit tired as we biked out of camp and we decided to take it easy today.   We again had hills,  but did not need our granny gears until the end of the day.   We biked along Champlain canal and the Hudson River.   There were some DRS folks at the second SAG.  So nice to see these folks who are volunteering to help those affected by disaster.   World Renew will receive some of the funds we raise.
Our "work horses" Russ and Dave joined us and pulled us along.   We always bike faster with them pulling.  The road surface was poor with crumbling shoulders, requiring lots of concentration to avoid falling.   We took a much needed break with them and Mary and Mike at a coffee shop.
This is the warmest day since I started.   The third SAG had iced towels which we put around our necks.  Felt great!  Thanks Bev Pruim!!
We again saw the evidence of poverty in the outskirts of Albany.  So  many in need!  A beautiful bike trail brought us to a place we could see the impressive sky line of the city.   The State University of New York,  a huge, old stately building remimded me of London's parliament.  It stood in contrast to the brokenness we had seen just a few minutes earlier.
Our last three miles were granny gear hills up to The Y of East Greenwich.  There were lots of kids there participating in their programs.   It was a beautiful facility with hot showers appreciated by all!!I
76 miles. 13.2 average speed.

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