Saturday, August 17, 2013

August 16. More good food! Brockville to Cornwell

Today we followed Highway 2 all day along the beautiful St.  Lawrence River.  Ken, Claire, and I left camp at 7.  It was another clear and cool day.   At mile 7, Jessica's parents were at the side of the road with warm hard boiled eggs and home made sweet rolls!!  What a treat!   As we left, we were joined by Dave and Russ. We had a wonderful tail wind, and with Dave's leading, we biked at a nice speed.  Someone in a passing car threw a plastic plate of food at us.  It startled me when the food hit my rear view mirror and knocked  my sunglasses sideways.  I managed to get off the road without falling.  My mirror was bent, but not broken, just covered with some soft gross food.  I am so thankful that it was not worse, and that none got in my eyes.  Our group has experienced road rage several times in the  last few days.  There was only one time that it happened in the US.  Not sure what is going on here.
How much can you eat and still pedal continues today.  There were lots of people at our next stop with more home made goodies.  As we pulled in, there were people cheering for us.  In this group of people, I met Gayla Postma.  She writes for "The Banner", and knows Kristy well.  Small world!
We chose to take the bike trails close to the water.  It was a good choice.  We stood at a bridge taking pictures and saw a river otter!  What a a beautiful ride!  With a tail wind most of the day, and in spite of slowing on the trails, we finished 72  miles at 15.0 MPH - a good speed for us. We arrived in Cornwall about 1 PM.
At our Peloton meeting tonight, Ken talked about a God moment for him today.  He was following me and he said that all my signals to him reminded him of my care for Shirley.  Thanks Ken, that was very sweet.  We hugged and had some tears together. There were more tears in the group.  We miss you Shirley!!  By the way, Ken has his biking legs back.  He is doing very well, and we are all so glad that he decided to bike this week.  He is heading home on Sunday.

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