Thursday, August 8, 2013

August 7. Rain, crossing, and welcome?

Claire had decided to give her heel some time to rest,  so did not ride today.  I asked "the two Bettys" if I could join them.  Betty A had spent time riding with Claire and I on Monday.  The sky was threating when we left.  We were told that there would be 3 thunder squalls going through today.  We left at 6:55 and by 7:15, the rain had started.  We were on a fairly busy road with a shoulder.  It wasn't long before the rain was heavy, coming down in huge drops.  We kept on, concentrating on the road and our surroundings.  We all had on rain jackets, and I had a helmet cover which not only keeps my head dry, but also keeps me warm.  My problem was my sun glasses - I kept moving them up and down my nose.   When they were down, I could look over them and see better.   When they were up on my nose where they belong, the road dirt stayed out of my eyes.  The bikes kick up a large "rooster tail" of road water which sprays dirt over the person behind.  We kept on going to avoid getting cold.  After the first SAG stop, the rain lessened to a drizzle and then stopped.  I had to work hard to keep up, especially after Donna joined us.  The road surface was poor and at about 35 miles the bumps zeored out my odometer.   At that point we had a 16.2 average speed, even with the rain and poor roads.  Construction was the next challenge.  The top of the road surface was stripped making it extremely rough.  It felt like a foot massage, but jarring to the body.
We were to arrive at Marine City by noon. We arrived at 11AM.   However, I hit the wall about 5 miles before Marine City.  I could not make my legs work.  I knew that I needed some food.  I sent the others on, slowed way down, and ate the peanut butter and jelly sandwich from my bike bag.
We spent an hour and a half with everyone gathering in our matching jerseys waiting for the ferry to Canada.   Many people asked what we were doing.  It gives is a chance to tell others about our concern for the poor and we often receive donations.  All went smoothly with the crossing of the cyclists and trucks.  The Canadians were cheering us into Canada on the other side.  
I by then was feeling much better and cycled into Sarnia.  It was a beautiful ride along the St. Claire River with the wind at our backs.
The Sarnia Community prepared a feast of grilled pork, sweet corn, salad, and home made pies.  Delicious!
During dinner I felt something in my hair.  I reached up and was stung by a bee.   Since I have had severe localized reactions, I panicked.   I ran to my bike,  took a Zyrtec, and grabbed my epi pen.  I went to the kitchen for ice and someone suggested windex be applied!   She found some amd immediately the sting was gone and the swelling went down.  Amazing!!  I have had no further problem!  I am so grateful!
After dinner I asked Jacob of he coild try to download some pictures from my Windows phone to Phil's computer.   It would take a 2 hour download,  so that will not happen this trip.   Phil canot be without his computer.  After we are back in the states,  I will post some to facebook.

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