Thursday, August 8, 2013

August 8. WIND

After thunderstorms last night we awoke to overcast skies with a stiff NW wind.  The day started with Phil misplacing his glasses.  We found the tent bag on the gear truck and opened the tent bag to check the pockets - not there.   He was thankful to find them in his truck.  Breakfast as usual was eaten sitting on the curb since our chairs are packed first thing in the morning.
I left at 7:15 with Claire, Barb, and Jane.  We headed straight east on a major road.  With all the wind to deal with,  we were thankful for the coolness of the air, the good road surface, and a wide shoulder  We took turns leading the line with 3 of us following closely behind and a bit to the right to get the greatest benefit of the first person blockimg the wind.  We changed leaders every mile.  At about mile 18, Mary and Mike joined our line and the shoulder disappeared.   Mike pulled us for awhile until Doug, Dave, and Russ caught up with us and joined our pelaton.  We cycled the rest of the day with a pace line of nine!
I was again running out of fuel before the second SAG.  I positioned food in my front bike bag and was able to break off pieces of bsrs to keep my energy .  I can't seem to get enough food to keep me going.
We stopped for coffee and tea late morning.  When we returned to our bikes, we had the pleasure of turning south with less wind, and it was at our backs.  The last 5-10 miles took us on London's
beautiful bike trail along the Thames River.   It was a really fun trail winding through the park.  It felt like we were riding in circles over and under the road and river.
We arrived to cheers and welcome at London Christian High school at 1:15.  The bonus of arriving early is a nap!  Most people blog in the afternoon, but I have to wait until Phil returns from marking the roads to use the computer or tablet.
I found a site for our tent close to a place where Phil can park his truck.  He has electricity in the truck and is able to plug in his cpap machine.
67 miles today at 13.8 MPH.

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