Tuesday, August 13, 2013

August 10   “This isMy Father’s World”
Traveling a few hundred miles East does make a difference.  It is getting light earlier in the morning.  Today we have clear skies, cool temps, and no wind.  What could be better for cycling!  Today is a 40 mile ride, so we did not have to rush so much this morning.  The route started out down a long hill which is always a treat.  We rode though Cambridge, an old city in Ontario which looks very British with its’ many old churches, a fountain, lots of flowers and an old bridge.  We stopped to look around and to talk to locals about what we are doing.  One of them pointed out a huge nest high in a church tower that is home to a red wing hawk family.  Unfortunately we did not see the hawks.   Between the first and second rest stops, Claire and I rode with Roland.  He is 76 years old and is doing the entire 3900 miles!  I was amazed as I watched him cycle up the hills a bit faster than Claire and I!  The roads became rolling hills, and there were many wild flowers along the road.  The song “This is My Father’s World” was singing in my mind all day.  It made me thankful for this amazing creation experienced from a bicycle seat.  Today along with the painted arrows telling us which way to go was a message to me  painted in the middle of our lane:  it was, “ I love you Jan from P”!!  So sweet!  Thank you Phil! . We arrived at Redeemer College at 11 AM.  Phil was busy checking in new riders.  There are quite a few joining for this coming week.  Last night we said good-by to 15 riders who have completed their planned ride and are going home.  It is always hard for everyone to say good-by.  This group of people is fantastic.  It is an intergenerational group: ages13 to 84.  Everyone cares for those around them.  It does not matter if you are a teenager or a grand parent, you are respected and valued.  One day I saw our 84 year old man who cycled for 4 days coming into camp with 3 of the young guys accompanying him.  It did not seem to matter to them that that they arrived late in the day, they were enjoying spending ttime with him.We are staying in the dorms at Redeemer College.  I had a hot shower for the first time this week.  Much appreciated!!  Today is the first time that I have been able to use the computer.  I have been using the tablet,but this is so much easier.  I am attempting to get this blog added to the Sea To Sea site so that you can also look at others blogs.  If you want to see pictures, look at Claire Elgersma’s blog.  Sorry that I am unable to down load pictures.  I will try to post some after we are back inthe US.

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