Saturday, July 20, 2013

Its July 20 and I haven't posted anything for almost three weeks. We will be halfway by mileage at  end of the ride on Monday.The stuff I have been doing is not nearly as interesting as the riders.  

My day is full of miles.  I have to go ahead of the riders and mark the turns with a liquid chalk.  When I reach our destination for the night, I continue toward the next days destination to "paint" the turn by turn from twenty to forty miles out, and then turn back to camp.  I have little contact with riders during the day.  I find out what really happened during the day when I pull in.  

The turn by turns have been pre-printed, but there have been occasions when a map had to be revised  Then my job is to re-do, which takes a few hours.  (See how exciting this bike tour is.)
I am driving the technology van which is a mobile office.  It is equipped with a work table, file storage, and a printer and a locked safe.  The electrical system allows me to keep all my electronics plugged in and fully charged.  That with my hot spot keeps me in touch via the internet.  So there is really no excuse for not blogging.  Except maby fatigue and the heat.

I am also the finance person.  I have to see that those who have paid expenses out of their pocket get reimbursed. Riders collect money on the road from strangers.  I have to keep and accounting of all that. Really fun stuff.

I am in Lincoln NE tonight at the home of John and Susan Dahm. .  The rest of the tour is in Fairbury where they will be spending two nights.

OK I know this is hardly a catch-up posting, but I can't stay awake any longer, I will attempt to  do better soon. 

To find out what's really been happening, I suggest that you go to and find the tab BLOGS.  Check-out Jane Brower and Claire Elgersma, two riders who blog everyday.

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