Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sea To Sea Set-up June 20, '13

June 20, 2013.
It starts again.  I have committed to help 220 bicycle riders travel across the US and Canada.  The 2013 version of Sea To Sea begins on the road June 24 from Newport Beach, CA and ends in New York Staten Island 9 weeks from now.
For the last six weeks I have been working with the proposed daily routes.  Jan and I have driven one weeks worth from Iowa City to Grand Rapids.  Dave Gabrielse and I have driven the route from Grand Rapids to Ancaster ON looking for gravel roads and heavy traffic.  We found all of that. 
Right now I am traveling to and have now arrived in California with Clair Elgersma and husband Hank Zwanstra.  We stopped overnight in Lincoln, NE at John and Sue Dahms house, then in Erie CO to visit Claires daughter, then in Las Vegas just to see it, and now we are in Redlands CA to visit Claires son who is a pastor here.  Tomorrow we will be at Vanguard University to get set up for the arriving riders.

My role on this tour is still evolving.  I will be going ahead of the pack marking the turn by turn on the roads for the first weeks anyway.  That isn't going to make for a very interesting narrative on this blog, but I will do my best.  I likely will not be posting every day. So take all this for what it's worth. 

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